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10/09/2010 978

Opel - Junior

With its rounded body, the Opel Junior from 1983 inspired the shape of the second Corsa generation. Just 3.41 meters long, the compact car set new aerodynamic standards with its drag coefficient of 0.31, and displayed the variability we have come to associate with the brand: The roof consists of a plastic section that can be easily exchanged for a glass roof or convertible top. There are also some new ideas inside. The seat upholstery can be removed and used as a sleeping bag. Instead of a conventional cockpit, the Junior features an instrument support in which the owner can insert the instruments of his choice.

source: Opel

Engine & performance:

Type: Opel Corsa, 4-cylinder

Capacity: 3615 cc

Power: 55 hp @ 5600 rpm

Torque:  90 Nm @ 2200 rpm


Length: 3410 mm

Width: 1570 mm

Height: 1450 mm


1983  Frankfurt
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