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12/11/2012 1771

Michalak - Conciso

Following the tradition of Ferrari Barchetta or Lotus Seven of the 50ties the "Conciso" transmits the same spirit into the 90ties demonstrating the courage and the pleasure to drop out parts. The result of the symbiosis of the Ferrari chassis and motor as well as the idea and realization of Michalak Design is a rare experience of pure driving pleasure. Where other sports cars are burdened with unneccessary overweight, the "Conciso" is leaned-out to a minimum ensuring a maximum of driving pleasure.

The Traditional Light Weight Construction

Already presented as a design study at IAA 91 the "Conciso" is now full fledged and equipped for German registration. Bernd Michalak's idea of the "Conciso" was based on technical details of the Ferrari 328 chassis and motor and was realized in co-operation with an Italian coach building studio. The body work was stencilled out of classical aluminium material and mounted over a tube frame work. This light weight construction derived out of race car design results in a performance weight of less than 4 kg/HP considering still a developed power of 270 HP.

Wear Helmets and let us go

In favour of more stability and driving fun the "Conciso" consequently dispenses-off with doors and conventional wind screen. A flat screen stretched around the cockpit reminds one of the race car design of the early 60ties. The entry into the "Conciso" is simple and well thought out - with a sportive elegant leap over the chassis plank in the same manner as a Formula 1 pilot enters his place of work.

As soon as you feel the comfort of the sportive seats which are upholstered with leather and Alcantara you will be eager to start. But please wear the helmets! They are stored in specially shaped deposits at the left and right side of the seats. Wearing helmets is also recommended considering the acceleration from 0 to 100 in 6 sec. and a top speed of 278km/h.
"Conciso" just really starts where other sports cars stop.

Applause from Experts

The "Conciso" was overwhelmingly appreciated by the expert journalists and consequently awarded with a second prize of the EUROSIGN DESIGN AWARD behind the Bertone Blitz and in front of Italian design Nazca C2 Spider. "Conciso" reminds Paul Frère, the most experienced race driver and car tester, of the Ferrari Barchetta of the early 50ties. His comments were just as enthusiastic as those of Graf Görtz, the designer of BMW 507.

The "Conciso" can surely be seen as one of the master pieces of Michalak Design Studios established in Mainz. Considered as a challenging evidence of creativity and conscientious realization, the "Conciso" will be fabricated in limited numbers only on order.

source: Michalak

Engine & performance:

Type: Ferrari V8, 32-valve

Capacity: 3186 cc

Power: 270 hp

Drive: RWD

Top speed: 278 km/h

0-100 km/h: 5.9 s


Length: 3790 mm

Width: 1890 mm

Height: 930 mm

Weight: 982 kg


1993  Frankfurt

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