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12/02/2011 1390

Mercedes-Benz - Vision SLA

World premiere in Detroit: roadster study Vision SLA based on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class

             Typical Mercedes roadster experience for the compact car class

             Design features of the super sportscar SLR

             Interior in high-tech materials and natural leather

             Innovative A-Class technology

             1.9-liter engine with 92 kW/125 hp from the A 190

Vision SLA is the name of a new roadster study with which Mercedes-Benz aims to bring the driving sensation of its traditional SL models to the compact car class. Just 3.77 meters long and kitted out with the innovative technology of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the open-top two-seater meets one wish above all others of young, active people: pure driving pleasure.

The Vision SLA speaks perfect, simple driving enjoyment at first glance. With its curved lines, the design symbolizes the dynamics of the roadster, whose youthful spontaneity is infectious: get in, drive off and enjoy is the promise which the Vision SLA fulfills, both in terms of form and technology, every kilometer of the way. 

Typical style features which highlights the sporty dynamics include the arrow-shaped front section with the central Mercedes star and the striking wing profile of the hood, adopted from the future Mercedes super sportscar SLR. Here the compact Vision SLA demonstrates that this new design element also suits sporty Mercedes models of other vehicle classes.

Behind the elliptical apertures in the wing profile of the hood are powerful xenon projection headlamps for low and high beam. As turn signal lights, the Mercedes engineers have used high-performance LEDs which can be found in the outer, transparent ends of the wing. 

Carbon seats, aluminum switches and leather trim

The design of the interior follows the classic roadster philosophy of concentrating on the essentials. Steering wheel, gearshift lever, two chronometer-design cockpit instruments and a few switches on the center console are all that the driver needs for the pure roadster experience. Primed metal surfaces, matt aluminum elements and transparent perforated metal structures reinforce the simplicity of the look. Naturally processed saddle leather, used to cover the carbon seats and as trim for parts of the instrument panel, the floor and the door panels, lend the interior a special, individual feel.

Drive components and axles adopted from model series

Under the large hood, which covers the entire front of the roadster Vision, the innovative technology of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is at work. The high-torque 1.9-liter engine of the A 190 achieves 92 kW/125 hp and accelerates the Vision SLA to a top speed of 209 km/h. Fuel consumption is 7.1 liters per 100 kilometers (NEDC overall consumption). Front and rear axle of the roadster study are also derived from the A-Class. 

Lightweight body using aluminum and plastic

Two modern, lightweight materials are used for the bodywork: aluminum and plastic. While the loadbearing parts of the body are manufactured from aluminum profiles, the outer bodyshell is largely high-quality plastic. Thanks to this innovative method of construction, the Vision SLA weighs only 950 kilograms.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class also served as the model for the roadster study’s safety concept. In the event of a serious head-on collision, the oblique positioning of the drive unit ensures that – as with the A-Class -- it slides below the vehicle, leaving the interior largely undamaged. Seat belt tensioners, belt force limiters and airbags offer the occupants additional protection.

source: Mercedes-Benz


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