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08/01/2018 1210

Mercedes-Benz - ESF 5

ESF 5: developed on the basis of the W 114 (“Strich Acht”) series and presented at the 2nd International ESV Conference from 26 to 29 October 1971 in Sindelfingen

• Designed for an impact speed of 80 km/h

• Five three-point seat belts, each with three force limiters, front seat belts self-fitting.

• Driver and front passenger airbag, also an airbag in each of the front seat backrests for rear passengers on the outer seats. This increased the weight of the front seats to 63 kg each (standard: 16 kg).

• Extensive structural modifications in the front end and sides

• Kerb weight: 2060 kg (665 kg more than standard)

• Overall length: 5340 mm (655 mm more than standard)

• Wheelbase increased by 100 mm, so as to maintain spaciousness in the rear despite the larger seats

• Front-end extension incl. hydraulic impact absorber: 370 mm

• Experimental V6 engine to gain deformation space at the front

• Dashboard with impact-absorbing metal structure on the front passenger side

• All relevant impact areas in the interior were padded with polyurethane foam, especially the doors, pillars and roof frame

• Doors without quarterlights, power windows

• Headlamp wipers, beam range control, parallel rear window wipers

• Side marker lights, tail lights with standstill relay and control function

• Windscreen and rear window of laminated glass, bonded in place

• Pedals with rounded-off lower section

• ABS brakes

source: Mercedes-Benz




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