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08/01/2018 1055

Mercedes-Benz - ESF 13

ESF 13: Stylistically revised variant of the ESF 5, presented at the 3rd International ESV Conference from 30 May to 2 June1972 in Washington (USA)

• Restraint systems and other features adopted from the ESF 5

• Kerb weight: 2100 kg (705 kg more than standard)

• Overall length: 5235 mm (550 mm more than standard)

• Front-end extension incl. hydraulic impact absorber: 420 mm

• The changes to the external dimensions were primarily the result of the redesigned front and rear ends. The bumpers were now designed to be underrun, while the deformation path remained the same. The front and rear were extended to reduce the bumper overhang to an acceptable level.

source: Mercedes-Benz




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