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08/07/2010 1121

Irmscher - Selectra

Under the name Selectra, Irmscher developed the world's first high-power electric vehicle with serial hybrid propulsion. Based on the Corsa, the company launched both the Selectra compact and an estate known as the Selectra Combo. The serial hybrid propulsion (in which the combustion engine is not used to drive the wheels but to operate the generator for recharging the battery) proved a major advantage in terms of the drive design. As well as dispensing with the usual range of auxiliary units, it was now also possible to achieve a high thermal efficiency of over 33% (the efficiency of most combustion engines being approx. 25%) and hence an extra-long range. What's more - given a sufficient residual charge - the battery could also be recharged via the generator on the move by activating the hybrid unit. This enabled the range of the electric drive to be increased by a further 120 km or so.

The hitherto unrivalled compactness of the main components, such as electric motors, hybrid unit, generator and control electronics provided the basis for a 2 + 2 compact car including a trunk with scarcely less capacity than the conventional petrol-engine model.

Designed for city driving and commuting and capable of seating two people comfortably (with adequate loading space in the estate model), both vehicles proved every bit as reliable, safe and - despite their heavier weight - manoeuvrable as a conventional compact car.

Besides the hybrid propulsion, this compact also offered other high-tech features such as tyres with extra low rolling resistance, vacuumassisted brakes and the use of weight-saving materials for the body and interior.


Electric drive: Two asynchronous motors controlled by high-power electronics with integrated planetary gear (gear ratio 3.8 : 1), permanent magnetcontrolled synchronous generator
Max. continuous torque: 400 Nm per wheel (Selectra) / 700 Nm per wheel (Combo)
Hybrid propulsion: Fully enclosed twin-cylinder two-stroke engine with charge pump, semi-direct injection
Displacement: 90 ccm
Power: 7 kW at 9,000 rpm
Battery: 264 NiCd cells, rated voltage 390 V, capacity 40Ah (13 kWh)
Brakes: Vacuum-assisted brake
booster, electric engine brake
with battery feedback
Curb weight: Selectra: 1.100 kg / Combo: 1.350 kg
0-60 km/h: 6,2 s
0-100 km/h: 12,0 s
Vmax: Selectra: 120 km/h / Combo: 100 km/h
Range: Approx. 120 to 140 km in battery operation (without recharging by hybrid propulsion)
Startability on gradients: Above 20/25 %

SOURCE: Irmscher


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