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Irmscher - GT

World premiere at The Automobilsalon in Geneva 1988

The Irmscher GT

The Irmscher GT is a pure-blooded Grand Tourismo: a coupe, 2+2 seater, with its own design and classic engineering conception: A set back back Front engine (today called Front-Center-Engine) guarantees a well-balanced road handling.

The Irmscher GT is reliable because of its approved Opel components. A newly developed ecological beneficial 3.6 liter 6-cylinder catalystic converter engine, with 200 hp accelerates the mobile prototype from 0-100 km/h in 7.9 sec. The engine is also available for the Senator. The 5-speed manual transmission, the new McPherson front axle, the efficient semi-trailling arm rear axle, as well as the antoblock system are components of the Omega 3000.

Measured wind tunnel figures allow for a max speed of 245 km/h.

The well-proportioned design makes use of all presently available aerodynamic findings and knowledge, without appearing uniform. A totally closed casing of the vehicle bottom allows for minimum lift of front and rear axle.

By means of the modern adhesion techniques, the fully plastic vehicle body is connected to the chassis of the Omega. High quality and reliability of the well-known Opel production components as well as the existing Opel-Service network were decisive aspects when developing the concept of this Irmscher GT. Numerous standard parts are fitted to achieve every day qualification. The vehicle was conceived as a Convertible and will firstly be presented as a Coupe.

source: Irmscher

Engine & performance:

Type: Opel Omega GT, 6-cylinder

Capacity: 3600 cc

Power: 197 hp

Top speed: 245 km/h


Length: 4590 mm

Width: 1780 mm

Height: 1340 mm

Wheelbase: 2730 mm

Weight: 1330 kg


1988  Geneva


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