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18/08/2012 3013

Bitter - Tasco

In 1991, at the Frankfurt International Auto Show (IAA) Bitter displayed a concept car named TASCO, a mid-engined in cooperation with the Biritish company MGA.
Although for a short time there were serious thoughts about producing the car, it ultimately remained what it was origonally intended to be. An exciting vision of a sportsar that was ahead of its time. Much to the disappointement, of many BITTER-fans and Car enthusiasts.


Erich Bitter had been producing unique coachbuilt vehicles on Opel and other chassis since the 70’s.

In 1991 he approached MGA Developments in Coventry to create a Supercar for his company, which would rival the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari. Spice, a UK based Motor Race were to prepare the chassis and would manufacture the car, for his team to later trim back in Germany.
The sketch programme began in the April, with Steve Harper and Lawson Swinfield creating the theme, and by May a scale model was developed, and machined as a full size see through mockup. This model, complete with an interior tub, was then unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1991.



1991  Frankfurt
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