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25/09/2013 1655

Renault - Zoom



Zoom is an urban and suburban Concept car born of common research by Renault and Matra into modern electric vehicles. More than just a perfect mini-sized city car, an ideal two-seater urban runabout, Zoom is a vehicle which is 100 percent in harmony with the modern city environment and its attendant ecological and safety constraints. It combines environment-friendly electric propulsion with a specific architecture designed to minimize the vehicle footprint.


Exterior architecture optimizes vehicle footprint, thereby helping ease urban and suburban traffic flows

Modular wheelbase is variable between 2.65m and 2.30m when the vehicle is stopped. Width remains constant at 1.52m, which means Zoom is 23cm higher in retracted wheelbase configuration

Two beetle-wing doors mounted on 9°-inclined axes reduce lateral bodywork clearance to a minimum and make Zoom easy to use in the tightest of spots

Communication centre mounted between the two seats housing hands-free telephone and power-up control for Carminat navigation system

CD-radio sound system built into steering column with controls mounted on the steering wheel

25kW engine is 90 percent recyclable, contributing to protection of the environment

source: Renault

Engine & performance:

Type: electric

Power: 34 hp

Top speed: 120 km/h

0-50 km/h: 6 s


Length: 2300-2650 mm

Width: 1520 mm

Height: 1495-1725 mm

Wheelbase: 1245-1845 mm

Weight: 800 kg



1992  Paris



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