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09/10/2011 1608

Renault - Trafic Deck’Up

Trafic Deck’up concept LCV – off the beaten track

Since its launch in late 2001, Trafic has continually inspired Renault’s designers. After Trafic Dataspace in 2001, a concept dedicated to VIP passenger transport, Renault is set to unveil a new concept at the Brussels Motor Show targeting outdoor leisure and adventure off the beaten track. In the grand tradition of the Modus 2 and Operandi concept vans, Trafic Deck’up proves yet again that practicality can also mean comfort and elegance.

Trafic Deck’up is based on Trafic, a benchmark in the compact van segment voted International Van Of The Year in 2002. With this “adventure-seeking” vehicle, Renault is continuing the research into outdoor leisure vehicles that it started with Kangoo Break’up, presented at the 2002 Paris Motor Show.

Trafic Deck’up, a real adventurer

 While preserving the original Trafic frontal styling, with its expressive radiator grille and headlights, Trafic Deck’up’s most prominent feature must surely be its wide yet compact dimensions. It is 180mm shorter – the wheelbase has been reduced by 80mm – but 21mm wider than Trafic, and the Deck'up oozes power and robustness. Sitting sturdily on its four wheels, the vehicle has a sleek look with surprising dimensions and is a faint reminder of the classic American pick-up.

This impression is largely enhanced by a rear overhang which has been shortened by more than 200mm. Trafic Deck’up’s high ground clearance, permanent four-wheel-drive transmission and generously dimensioned wheels with 20-inch aluminium rims show that it is a true all-terrain vehicle: Trafic Deck'up was designed with off-road adventure in mind. With a 2.5 dCi 16V engine, developing maximum power of 99kW (135bhp) at 3,500rpm, this is a real adventurer on all types of roads, and can battle through all situations with optimum performance and great liveliness even at low speeds. The two-tone paintwork adds to the overall styling.

Trafic Deck’up, versatility par excellence

Inspired by Kangoo Break’up, the rear of the vehicle has the same roof and side panel design, offering all the functionality of a pick-up. Trafic Deck’up has an open platform like vehicles used for photo safaris. A photojournalist can get a clear 360° view for optimum shooting conditions, up close and personal with their subject.

This pick-up section can be separated from the passenger compartment by translucent glass shutters. So even when closed, the cabin is light and airy. When the partition is open, the shutters slide away into the ceiling of the double cab. At the back, the platform is accessed by a swing door that opens to a 90° angle. It holds a spare wheel covered by a large Renault logo.

Up front, the large double cab has four seats. While the driver’s seat faces forward, the passenger seats at the front and back can swivel 180°. The two rear seats are also mounted on Espace-type rails sliding back to the open pick-up section. A centre console attached to two rails can follow the movement of the seats to the rear of the vehicle. As a result, passengers can arrange the interior space as they want: facing the road or one another, either inside or outside the cabin. Two additional fold-down seats in the pick-up area provide seating for extra passengers. With its multiple uses on the road, Trafic Deck’up is just as versatile on the inside, with modular arrangements for any situation.

A cross between a family leisure vehicle and a traditional pick-up, Trafic Deck’up is like no other in its category.

High-tech interior, high-concept design

With its original design, Trafic Deck’up is just as original in detail. Its asymmetrical doors are just one example: while the driver’s side has two conventional doors, the passenger side has an ingenious rear hinged opening system. With no centre pillar, this system makes reaching the back seats much easier, as well as the pick-up platform. Loading equipment is also greatly simplified.

The interior is high-tech but user-friendly. The Carminat navigation screen sits naturally in the centre of the wide beige dashboard, fitting in with the body colour. The aluminium floor and printed fabric seats give the interior a modern look.

A result of Renault’s research into outdoor vehicles, the Trafic Deck’up concept LCV combines good looks, technology and functionality. Like Trafic and Kangoo Break’up, the Deck’up concept is simple, clever and versatile.


Engine: 2.5 dCi 16V (135bhp, 99kW)

Gearbox: 6-speed manual

Brakes: 4 discs (320mm diameter)

Wheels: 20-inch aluminium rims

Michelin tyres

Front: 255 - 55 R - 20

Rear: 255 - 55 R - 20

Exterior equipment: Rear-hinged side doors (right-hand side)

Interior equipment: 3 swivelling seats on Espace-type rails


Overall length: 4,600mm

Overall width: 1,925mm

Height: 2,085mm

Wheelbase: 3,020mm

Front overhang: 833mm

Rear overhang: 747mm

SOURCE: Renault


2004  Brussels

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