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23/06/2011 923

Renault - Operandi

Operandi and Modus² Concept Vans: hyper-compact and street-wise


Presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2000


Representing a new generation of light commercial vehicles, Operandi and Modus² are the successors to Modus, a Concept car unveiled in 1994 as part of the City Fleet range. These concept vans combine looks, ultra-compact dimensions and respect for the environment in a package which proves that utility is not necessarily incompatible with comfort and elegance.


  • 3.60 m long, 1.63 m long, 1.75 m high
  • Bubble windscreen just like Modus
  • Hybrid drive units enabling all-electric operation in town and combined internal combustion-electric operation in suburban zones
  • Modus² is a dedicated people carrier
  • Operandi is a goods transportation vehicle


SOURCE: Renault


2000  Frankfurt

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