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03/08/2011 2415

Renault - Kangoo Break'up

At the 19th International 4WD and SUV Motor Show in Val d'Isère,

Renault unveils Kangoo break'up, a new concept based on Kangoo.

Since Kangoo was launched in 1997, it has demonstrated a degree of versatility (4x2, 4x4, passenger car) that has made it a hit with customers looking for a practical, functional vehicle. Continuing this approach, Renault unveiled a brand new concept at the 19th International 4WD and SUV Motor Show in Val d'Isère (August 10-18): Kangoo break’up. Built on the Kangoo platform, this new kind of 4WD explores the concept of open vehicles, putting the accent on outdoor leisure activities.

Born of Renault's research into open vehicles, Kangoo break'up was designed and developed on the Kangoo platform. It is ideally suited to outdoor leisure and adventure activities such as mountain biking, ski-ing, paragliding and windsurfing, while retaining Kangoo's family spirit.

With its unmistakable exterior design, Kangoo break'up has the soul of a 4WD.

With its plain, pronounced design, break'up is just as appealing and friendly as Kangoo. Although it is longer, break'up is just as easy to manoeuvre as the basic Kangoo. With a 1.6 16V petrol engine developing 110bhp and 17-inch alloy wheels, Kangoo break'up provides precise, responsive handling that lets drivers explore all kinds of track and terrain.

The high ground clearance and permanent four-wheel drive are further proof of its qualities as an off-road vehicle. The combination of the bodywork colour "Buttercup Yellow", devised especially for the vehicle, and the "break'up monochrome grey" protective mouldings that go right round the body provides a vivid two-tone look. Thanks to this protection, adventures off the beaten track are second nature to Kangoo break'up.

Kangoo break'up, Kangoo pickup

With Kangoo, Renault showed that innovation was among its core concerns. The Kangoo break'up concept car continues down this path with its astute design and practical features. The roof and body side panels open at the rear to make the vehicle just as versatile as a 106-litre pickup. Break'up recalls the functional, flexible side of Kangoo by providing a useful and imaginative loading area. Transporting large items such as mountain bikes, surfboards and skis has never been so easy.

The pickup part of the vehicle closes with saloon-type swing doors that can be opened to an angle of 90° in both directions (towards the outside or towards the inside of the pickup), making it possible to load items of all shapes and sizes and even carry those that do not fit inside the vehicle. A multi-functional fastening system patented by Renault and made up of two clamps on the floorpan and two straps above the rear window makes transporting bicycles simplicity itself. The clamps, which form part of the floorpan, unfold towards the outside of the vehicle to support the rear wheels of two bicycles, while the front wheels are fastened to the straps over the rear window. The system is completed by two side arms located along the inside of the vehicle to the left and right of the rear uprights, and which can be unfolded to hold the bicycle frames in place and keep them stable. They also contain an anti-theft lock.

Kangoo break'up was developed with a view to its being used for outdoor activities. That is why it was unveiled along with a Renault Sport conceptbike, specially created by Renault Design, with carbo-titanium fairing that gives it a light, sporty appearance. Before getting to grips with the ground, it looks quite at home in the pickup part of the vehicle. This bicycle transport system also has the advantage of leaving the rear number plate perfectly visible.

The rear uprights are made of steel, hollowed out to preserve the Kangoo shape and incorporate the rear lamps. The hollow shape of the two side rear windows provides several particularly handy stowage zones. Another practical feature is that the side parts are fitted with more stowage areas.

On the right-hand side, Kangoo break'up even has a small detachable suitcase with a lock for keeping valuables safe.

An electrically operated glass partition separates the cabin from the pickup area and supplies extra light in the vehicle. Beneath the partition, the pickup holds a spare wheel with a protective cover bearing the Renault logo.

A cabin that harmonizes with the concept

A vehicle that belongs to the Kangoo family just has to be friendly. So the Kangoo break'up offers a spacious, welcoming interior which, like the standard Kangoo, still has five real seats and two sliding side doors. But the newcomer stands out with its original peacock-blue upholstery in a new, particularly tough fabric: coated fleece. This is a fabric backed with fleece which provides really comfortable seating and is especially easy to clean because it can be washed with a sponge.

To make the most of the blue skies, countryside and sweeping views drivers will encounter on their escapades away from the tarmac, break'up has opted for a large glass sunroof. Divided in two by the crossbeam, it covers the full length of the vehicle to offer an extensive glazed surface. Light streams into the cabin to enhance travelling pleasure.

In such a resolutely modern vehicle that nonetheless aims to keep things simple and practical, the latest technology is perfectly at home. With the wide screen of the Carminat navigation screen located on the dashboard, you have to really make an effort to get lost!

The Kangoo break'up concept demonstrates a subtle and successful blend of sophisticated features and functional details. Its fun side makes it easy to combine these aspects and sparks ideas for leisure activities and practical ploys. Like Kangoo, the break'up concept is simple, clever and multitalented.

Technical specifications of Kangoo break'up


110bhp 1.6 16V


Manual five-speed


Permanent four-wheel drive with hydraulic coupling



Overall length without bicycles

4112 mm

Overall length with bicycles

4400 mm

Height without bicycles

1915 mm

Height with bicycles

2165 mm

Ground clearance

330 mm


2624 mm

Front overhang

735 mm

Rear overhang

753 mm

Fixed glass sunroof

400x930mm in front of the crossbeam, 670x930mm behind

Pickup loading area

106 litres


215/65 R17
17-inch "GRIFFON" alloy


Renault Sport for the mountain bikes


SOURCE: Renault


2002  Paris

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