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14/02/2011 1670

Renault - Initiale


Unveiled at the eighth Paris Automobiles Classiques and Louis Vuitton competition in Paris 

Car Design Award 1996


A clear expression of Renault's ambitions in the luxury car bracket, and a sign of its intentions to return to the fundamental tenets of the French coach-building tradition - luxury and refinement, power with distinction. Initiale is first and foremost an elegant and original car underpinned by advanced technological development and innovative design.

Direct descendent

Renault Vel Satis launched in 2002


  • Striking design defined by bold, long lines, expansive surfaces and simple yet generous volumes
  • Daring V-shaped rear window
  • Fruit of a design collaboration with the legendary Louis Vuitton luxury goods brand
  • Natural illumination of passenger cabin through vast panoramic glass roof
  • Four "variometric" seats, the front ones pivoting 20° outwards to ease passenger access
  • Multi-function screen displaying data on the hi-fi system, heating and climate control system, navigation system and telephone
  • "Intelligent" cruise control system, automatic parking sensors, electronically-controlled braking and suspension system, all-wheel drive transmission and variable-assist power steering
  • 3.5-litre V10 engine derived from the Renault RS 6 Formula 1 racing unit. In road trim, develops 392bhp at 8,000rpm with maximum torque of 360Nm at 6,200rpm
  • 6-speed gearbox with flick-shift
  • Automatic hydraulic clutch


source: Renault



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