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14/02/2011 978

Renault - Fiftie


  • Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1996 
  • First prize Autoweek magazine (USA)


An intoxicating cocktail of past and future, Fiftie is a sporty two-seat coupé. Its surprising bodywork betrays an undeniable sense of humour and happy-go-lucky attitude, making Fiftie cute yet dynamic.


  • Moustache front grille mouldings and rear air intakes are styling cues harking back to original 4CV
  • Cutting-edge carbon fibre structure and aluminium platform (lifted from Spider)
  • Roof made of four foldaway panels which stow under rear window
  • Interior showcases natural materials like rattan, linen and cotton
  • Fixed seats
  • Reach-adjustable steering wheel and pedals
  • Giant multi-function screen for management of hi-fi, climate control system, driver assistance system and telephone
  • Picnic basket hidden in boot
  • 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder engine delivering 60bhp with maximum torque of 93Nm at 2,500rpm
  • 5-speed gearbox with semi-automatic clutch


source: Renault


1996  Geneva



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