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12/11/2012 1306

Renault - Argos



Argos boasts light weight - just 750kg - and a clean, symmetrical shape defined by strong, bold lines. A study in pared-down elegance, flowing yet resolutely solid, Argos exudes the post-industrial purpose of a fighter aircraft. Its unashamedly minimalist shape borders on the brutal, yet it has perfect balance, reflected in the equilibrium between its exterior lines and interior curves, and underlined by the almost perfect symmetry of its bonnet and boot lines.


No superstructure, roof or even windscreen to interrupt the lines

Wing mirrors retract into front wings, and only deploy when engine is started

Doors open by sliding aft to nestle in satin-finish rear wings

Refined and warm interior: soft tones and brushed satin surfaces

1239cc in-line 4-cylinder engine derived directly from Twingo

Electronically-controlled gearbox with mini-lever mounted next to steering wheel

source: Renault



1994  Geneva



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