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12/11/2012 1409

Peugeot - Oxia


Welcome to the Oxiaphonic world

Oxia takes its name from a region on Mars called “Oxia Palus” (longitude 0, latitude 0), which is the possible starting point for calculating Martian time. This sporty two-seater coupe, which is very futuristic and designed to offer every freedom, has interior styling which combines functionality and elegance.

Oxia is a High-Performance Gran Turismo coupe prototype, and its full potential is apparent right from your first glance. Oxia is not a racing car, but this veritable carbon sculpture lays claim to performance characteristics which determined lines designed to withstand the test of time.

The Oxia is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 24-valve engine offering 680 hp at 8,200 rpm, with four-wheel drive and steering. The short bonnet (which drops away), the ample, angled windscreen, and the near total absence of overhang, as well as rear-view mirrors at eye level, all provide the driver with better road views.

The driver’s position features a clever combination of steel blue anodised aluminium on the dashboard and full charcoal grey leather finish which is typical of the vehicle’s interior and exterior no matching colours and materials.

The passenger compartment, which was designed to meet requirements in terms of driving and future communications developments, provides good air circulation and acoustics. The Oxia is fitted with a communication unit linked to a radio telephone with a PC-compatible computer and peripherals. The computer controls the air conditioning, access to databases with travel data, and navigational support. A hi-fi unit is also provided, giving the vehicle’s passengers the keys to a complete getaway experience.

source: Peugeot

Engine & performance:

Position: mid-mounted, transversely 

Type: PRV V6, DOHC, 24-valve, twin-turbo

Capacity: 2849 cc

Power: 680 hp @ 8200 rpm

Torque: 726 Nm @ 4500 rpm

Drive: 4WD, 4WS

Top speed: 345 km/h


Length: 4610 mm

Width: 2020 mm

Height: 1130 mm

Wheelbase: 2800 mm

Weight: 1375 kg (later 1250 kg)

hp / 1000 cc: 238.68 hp

kg / 1 hp: 2.02 kg



1988  Paris
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