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Peugeot - Moovie


3rd Design competition

Moovie: action!

For the third edition of the Peugeot Design Competition, enthusiasts of automotive styling from all over the world were invited to design the Peugeot of their dreams for the near future.

After the future of 2020 and retro-futurism, participants this year were asked to express their vision of the Peugeot they would like to drive.

A Portuguese designer, André Costa, won the competition with his project the Moovie, an agile and environmentally-friendly city car.

At the last Geneva Motor Show, André Costa was awarded the « La Griffe » trophy by Frédéric Saint-Geours, the Chief Executive of Automobiles Peugeot.

But it is at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the competition’s most emblematic prize is unveiled on the Marque’s stand, in the form of a scale 1 concept car, built in accordance with the winning project. Not forgetting a new feature of this third edition: the mass production of the winning project in the form of a… 1/43 scale miniature.

This now traditional event offered by Peugeot to the community of designers has met with real success and last year set a new record for the number of entries it attracted. Indeed, with 3,800 projects registered on the site, the number of entries was up by 36 % compared to the 2002 event.The competition also confirmed its international credentials with 2,600 designers from 107 countries, against 90 for the previous edition.

A successful competition

Since its launch at the 2000 Paris Motor Show, the competition has generated lively enthusiasm among web-based designers the world over. This genuine opportunity to share a vision of the automobile with other challengers allows each entrant to give his best, with the promise of widespread publicity thanks to the exhibition of the concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, as well as at other international events.

This success has seen the competition extend its reach even further by attracting 3,800 proposals, against 2,800 for the previous edition, mobilising more than 2,600 participants from 107 countries, against 1,900 participants from 90 countries for the 2002 edition.

As a result, Peugeot decided to significantly increase the competition’s funding.The prize winner now receives a threefold reward; firstly, his project is built in the form of a concept car. In addition he receives a cheque for 6,000 and for the first time, will see his project mass produced in the form of a 1/43 miniature.

The competition included five phases between August 2004 and September 2005:

1st phase: from 30 August to 8 December 2004

  • Phase of design and registration of projects on the site


2nd phase: from 16 to 27 January 2005

  • Posting online of 30 projects shortlisted by the panel of judges.
  • Voting by Internet users and the press.
  • Publication of the 10 finalists on the site.


3rd phase: from February to March 2005

  • Selection of the winning project by a panel of judges chaired by Frédéric Saint-Geours, duly posted on the Internet site.
  • At the Geneva Motor Show, André Costa is awarded the « La Griffe » trophy by Mr. Saint-Geours, plus a cheque for 6,000 .


4th phase: from March to September 2005

  • Production of the Moovie in the form of a scale 1 concept car.


5th phase: September 2005

  • Moovie exhibited on the Peugeot stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


The Internet at the heart of the competition

Over the years the Internet has proved to be an essential medium, helping to raise awareness of this international competition.With nearly 700,000 visits recorded to date, the dedicated web site has significantly increased the number of visits to Peugeot web sites around the globe carrying news of the competition.

The web community is now a strong presence, with 17,000 members - a record for the competition. Like those who enter the competition, this community is made up of members from all five continents, the top 5 countries being France, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Spain.

The reasons for the choice

This attractive two-seater city car concept won favour with the majority of members of the panel of judges chaired by Frédéric Saint-Geours.The judges voted for the Moovie on account of its original style, expressing a clear allegiance with the Marque, and its many innovations which make it a genuine future prospect.

The Peugeot likeness is shown subtly, since André Costa cleverly used the U, which usually frames the lion on the front of the Marque’s models.This presentation is even more astute, since here the U structures the passenger compartment, connecting the generous front windscreen to the rear windscreen in a single line.

The vehicle also features numerous innovations. Its doors, which house the rear wheels, have a dual function.The first allows easy access to the passenger compartment, thanks to two swivel doors.The second reduces the energy consumption required to drive the Moovie, thanks to its large wheel dimensions. In addition, the Moovie is exceptionally agile under all circumstances and can be driven easily in restricted spaces thanks to the two spheres located at the front.

André Costa, aged 23, an industrial design student in Lisbon, had already taken part in the first edition of the competition. His Moovie concept was driven by a twofold motivation: ease of use in an urban setting whilst remaining environmentally-friendly.

The podium of 3 prize winners and the top 10

For the first time this year, prizes were also awarded to the designers of the second and third placed projects, who received cheques for 3,000 and 2,000 respectively, while the other seven finalists each received a consolation prize of 1,000 .

2nd: 607 Arabesque David Dewitt – aged 37 – United Kingdom*

3rd: ZCC Zhonghuayi – aged 21 – China

Then, in alphabetical order:

3rd Avenue Rebecka Keskey-Shaw – aged 21 – United States

3X4 Roberto Delfanti – aged 27 – Italy

5007 HPV Edwin van der Mark – aged 48 – Netherlands

707 Coupé Emre Husmen – aged 18 – Turkey**

Bodyboard Gerjan Storm – aged 30 – Netherlands

Concept 05 Dario Gagula – aged 21 – Croatia***

Felidae Lio Huang – aged 25 – Taiwan

Participant residing in Australia * ; in Canada ** ; in Germany ***.

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