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06/09/2010 1903

Citroen - Zabrus

Zabrus (*) is the name of the prototype BERTONE is presenting at the 1986 Turin Motor Show. This is a concept car based on Citroёn BX-4TC mechanicals. The BERTONE-designed BX has been a wild success in all markets (24, 263 were sold in Italy alone in 1985 and the BX accounts for 42,5% of all Citroёn production). So it's easy to understand why BERTONE should want to go back to this theme, this time with greater freedom of expression.

The ZABRUS is a G.T. coupé with a completely new concept. Roomy accomodation for 4 passengers, comfort, versatility and supreme performance are its salient features.

Here roominess and comfort are not sacrified to high class performance and at the same time sports car performance is not penalised by a banal, anonymous shape.

In fact manufacturers often fit out standard production models with high performance engineering and place them at the top of their ranges at much higher prices.

Most customers want high perfoamnce and comfort together with an external shape that shows their car is something special.

This is no easy task for manufacturers who seek as much standartisation as possible in order to achieve economics of scale. And the customer often resents this imposition: he puts up it, it doesn't like it.

(*) ZABRUS: a beetle of the CARABIDE family that inhabits Europe, Asia Minor and Italy. Its characteristic and powerful wings enable it to travel long distances towards new territories.

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Engine & performance:

Type: Citroen BX 4TC, turbokompressor
Capacity: 2141 cc
Power: 200 hp @ 5250 rpm
Torque: 294 Nm @ 2750 rpm


Length: 4300 mm
Width: 1880 mm
Height: 1370 mm
Wheelbase: 2610 mm


1986  Turin

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