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06/09/2010 1155

Citroen - Urbain I Mini-Zup

Dating from the early seventies, Mini~Zup was the creation of Jacques Né and his team.

Conceived as an urban car, it had rear wheel drive, a 602 cm3 flat twin but detuned to 12 bhp and set up in such a way as to provide maximum low speed torque.

Transmission was via a torque convertor (no clutch pedal).

Mini~Zup weighed 370 kg and occupied half the road space of a conventional car, measuring 1,98m in length and 1,45 m in width. Top speed was 70 kph.

The roof was removable, along with the windscreen.

An electrically powered version was also worked on, together with numerous other variants but in the event, the decision was taken to introduce the Peugeot 104 based LN.


This was an urban behicle prototype featuring a cockpit that slid back instantly to open up the whole vehicle for driving in fine weather. In the event of damage to the sliding mechanism (accident), the occupants could get through the rear window, which opened from the inside.

Engine & performance:

Type: Flat twin
Capacity: 602 cc
Power: 3 hp


Length: 1980 mm
Width: 1450 mm
Height: 1450 mm
Weight: ~370 kg





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