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Citroen - Pluriel Concept

Unveiled at the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Pluriel demonstration vehicle illustrates the broad styling principles of a versatile, modular car that will take its place in the Citroën range at some point in the future.

The result of research studies conducted by Citroën into innovative vehicle concept, the Pluriel demonstration vehicle is a new product that escapes all the criteria traditionally applied to the automotive offering. A vehicle of significant interior and more particularly exterior modularity, Pluriel changes its body style to adapt to a wide variety of uses.

Taking a new look at cars

A vehicle with two removable arches running the length of the body, are tractable material top, a double floor at the rear, and no centre pillar, the Pluriel can turn itself at will into a saloon convertible , an open-top leisure vehicle or a Spider pick-up.

On each variant, the retractable rear seat enlarges the load area according to requirements.

Each side of the Pluriel reflects a different style. The two options highlight the personality of this new product concept, which expresses freedom, enthusiasm and joy of living.

The Citroën Pluriel illustrates the many possibilities offered by a multi-purpose, practical and adaptable vehicle. With its modular interior and exterior, it adapts to a wide variety of uses, switching quickly and easily from one role to another to suit the circumstances and requirements of the user.

Open-top leisure vehicle or a Spider pick-up!

When the large material sunroof is in the closed position, the Pluriel takes the form of a compact 3-door saloon convertible. To turn it into an open-top leisure vehicle, the driver simply presses the buttons controlling the roof and windows.

The roof folds down onto the rear window and disappears into the false floor of the boot by means of an ingenious mechanism. The two arches remain in place on the car body, giving it a distinct personality, while ensuring excellent visibility and maintaining direct contact with the exterior.

But the multi-faceted Pluriel goes one step further: the two arches are fitted with an easy-to-use coupling system for easy removal. In this w ay, the vehicle be comes a Spider pick-up.


The rear seat of the Pluriel is designed to re tract into the floor. The load area of each variant can thus be extended and the vehicle turned from a 4-seater into a 2-seater.

The boot hatch opens downwards, extending the load floor and making it easy to transport long objects.

Moreover, a sliding panel gives easy access to the false floor without having to empty the boot, with thereby remains available.

The Citroën Pluriel is a re search prototype exploring the concept of several vehicle s in one. Its objective is to combine the comfort of a saloon with the leisure outlook of a cabriolet and the functional convenience of a pick-up.

It demonstrates Citroën's ability to move beyond the contradictions inherent to existing vehicles and to respond to changes in the needs, requirements and tastes of the public.

SOURCE: Citroen


1999  Frankfurt
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