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29/09/2012 729

Citroen - DS3 Electrum



Citroën is taking things further at the Paris Motor Show with the presentation of the DS3 Electrum concept car featuring full-electric technology and innovative design. The technology used on the ‘plugged-in’ and ‘electrifying’ DS3 Electrum city car ensures performance consistent with the current DS3 together with zero emissions, a range of up to 75miles (120 km) and optimum on-board comfort with zero noise. Fully respecting the spirit of DS3, the Electrum concept shows that a full-electric car can be a thrill to drive and that being environmentally considerate doesn’t have to be boring.

DS3 Electrum’s electric drivetrain has an innovative and non-intrusive design. With two 65kW motors located on the front axle, the car keeps all of its cabin and boot space. This development makes it possible to ‘electrify’ existing internal-combustion vehicles. DS3 Electrum also includes a Panasonic 17.5kWh lithium-ion battery and a charging socket located under the fuel flap for connecting to quick charging stations. An 80% charge can be achieved in just 30 minutes.

SOURCE: Citroen


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