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03/01/2016 1282

AKKA - Link&Go

Link&Go: the new-generation dual-mode electric concept car

AKKA Technologies – DBT – Controlsys – INRIA consortium

Autonomous, electric and interactive - AKKA Technologies presents a new addition to its electric mobility range. Combining a number of innovations, Link&Go is the first “dualmode” electric vehicle. With a range of 200 km, this concept car meets the twin aims of social and sustainable mobility. It has an innovative charging system; automatic charging stations are equipped with an integral recharging arm. Link&Go is also an intelligent vehicle which communicates with users, their personal devices and infrastructures via touch and gesture-based commands.

Technical features

- Dual-mode electric urban car

- SLAM (Simultaneous localisation and mapping) and standard GPS vehicle localisation

- Function to automate automatic driving mode

- Directional suspension for enhanced stability and manoeuvrability

- Integration modules to connect to online transport social networks

- Automated, secure charging station


2013  Geneva
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