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03/01/2016 2076

AKKA - Astute


AKKA Technologies presents the Astute Car, for the very first time at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

Designed at the CRDTA Research Centre, the Astute Car, an urban electric car, will be presented from 1st to 3th March right in the heart of the Green Pavilion at the Conseil Général des Yvelines stand (stand 6420)

The Geneva Motor Show will be the place for the AKKA Group to showcase the patented technological innovations developed by its own engineers. They can be seen on the Astute Car, one of the two concepts created to make use of these innovations.

The Astute Car has a record range of 300km and does away with a mechanical link between the steering wheel and the wheels. The result is a more comfortable interior, and greater safety if there is a head-on collision. A revolutionary approach has been taken when it comes to safety, using a totally innovative shock absorption structure, derived from technology used in the aviation industry.

Major innovations:

  • Innovative architecture
    • a category M1 vehicle
    • optimised interior: 4 seats and just 3 metres long
    • a composite aluminium self-supporting structure, weighing just 650kg
  • Safety, safety, safety
    • 5 star EuroNcap rating
    • excellent results in a head-on collision thanks to the crash box
    • improved power thanks to the 2 independent swing-arm motors
  • Cutting-edge technology
    • drive by wire system
    • controls in the steering wheel (braking, steering and acceleration)
    • unique interface unique on a moveable touch screen
    • recovery of the braking energy

This project has been selected from 41 applicants responding to the invitation to tender from the Conseil Général des Yvelines to produce the urban car of the future.

“In 2009, the economic climate resulted in us getting our consultants working on innovation projects; from this, we created our very own research centre, the CRDTA. These projects also gave us the opportunity to promise the creativity and quality of our engineers. Our research centre now reflects a distinct social model that nurtures a feeling of belonging to our Group and collaborative projects. Today, our presence at the International Motor Show in Geneva is a tremendous credit to our expertise as innovators in this sector,” explains Maurice Ricci, President of the CRDTA Scientific Committee.

AKKA Technologies, a key player in the automotive sector

The automotive industry has been the traditional core area of expertise of the AKKA Technologies Group for over 25 years. Our teams are involved in every stage of the lifecycle of a project, and their expertise is acknowledged by the greatest manufacturers and parts producers.


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