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Skoda - Roomster

Skoda Roomster Makes its World Premiere at the 76th Geneva Motor Show


Škoda Auto is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. In 1895, the founders of the company, Laurin and Klement, set up a factory in Mladá Boleslav where they initially manufactured bicycles, followed shortly by motorcycles before, in 1905, the first car rolled off the production lines. Today, the brand is seen as a modern automobile manufacturer, active in all fields of vehicle production – development, production and sales – at the highest international level, providing vehicles of exceptional performance, quality and safety.

A new era is beginning for Škoda Auto in 2006. The model range is expanding to four with the addition of a completely new design. The newest member of the Škoda family bears the name Roomster, which makes it unmistakably clear what claim the new car makes: the five-door car with a length of 4205 millimetres not only offers generous and above-average levels of space for passengers and luggage, it also has extraordinary interior flexibility. Its unique space concept and fresh design brings new ideas to the lower medium hatch segment, as well as to the compact MPV segment, providing a completely new dimension.

Highlights of the Škoda Roomster in overview:

- Exceptional levels of interior space in a car that measures 4205 mm in length;
- VarioFlex seating system in the rear creates maximum versatility;
- Five- or four-seater configurations for even more comfort;
- Raised seating position for rear passengers and large side windows for a better view;
- Rear seats can be folded down or removed individually, and move forward and back and laterally;
- Seat backs with variable angle setting;
- Boot volume of up to 1780 litres, payload of up to 515 kilograms;
- Twin-level boot cover for more flexibility and safety;
- Coordinated loading and securing system in the boot;
- Tailor-made holders for sporting equipment;
- Functional storage compartments in the interior;
- Four airbags and five three-point seat belts, even in the entry model;
- Curve and cornering lights for the first time in a vehicle of this class;
- Three diesel and three petrol engines (47 to 77 kW/64 to 103 bhp) available at the launch;
- Diesel particulate filter fitted to 1.4-litre diesel engine;
- Wide range of innovative options;
- Interior divided into a dynamic 'driving room' and a practical and comfortable 'living room'.



The Škoda Roomster is driving into a new dimension – literally. Škoda Auto's three existing ranges; Fabia, Octavia and Superb are set to be complemented by the arrival of a unique and totally original fourth model range. The history of 'space vehicles' dates back to the very first days of the Czech brand some one hundred years ago. In 1907, two years after car production started in Mladá Boleslav, the spacious Type F was created, which, as a result of the exceptional space it offered, was employed in Vienna and Paris as a spacious taxi.

The development of the Roomster concept car, shown at the IAA in Frankfurt three years ago, represented a special challenge for Škoda Auto. Even at the concept stage, the form and proportions of the Roomster met with widespread approval. One of the main reasons for this was the strong exterior design – the Roomster conveys its inner values outwards and, in doing so, also displays its identity for all to see.


The Škoda Roomster joins an acclaimed range of cars that have become known for their strength, exceptional reliability and unrivalled value for money. The Škoda Roomster continues these virtues. With the Roomster, the engineers and designers at Mladá Boleslav have created a truly special concept. The Roomster follows the lines of a compact MPV but differs from its competitors in this expanding segment thanks to its unconventional design. Despite measuring just 4205 millimetres in length, the Roomster has a boot volume of between 450 and 530 litres, which is among the largest in the class. In addition, passengers enjoy a high degree of comfort and safety.


To maximise the available interior space, the design team at Škoda created two different areas within the cabin. The front zone is designed to cater for the needs of the driver – a 'driving room' with a clearly laid-out dashboard, ergonomically designed instruments and operating controls as well as comfortable seats, which can be adjusted exactly to suit one.

The rear of the Roomster's cabin is the car's 'living room' – a spacious and versatile living space for passengers. Large side windows seating, which is 46 millimetres higher than those in the front, and the innovative VarioFlex seating system combine to make it possible to configure the rear at will. The middle seat armrest can be folded forward and used as a storage compartment, and the whole seat, which weighs eleven kilograms, can also be removed completely. The two outer seats can then be pushed inwards by 110 millimetres, creating a four-seater layout with increased shoulder room and seating comfort. The outer rear seats can be slid forward and back by 150 millimetres. Headroom for rear seat passengers is an exceptional 1009 millimetres, while the angles of the seat backs in the rear can be adjusted individually by 13.5 degrees.

Flexibility is the exceptional characteristic of the Škoda Roomster's boot. At 450 to 530 litres with the rear seats in use, the Roomster sets a record for its class. By folding down the rear seats, a completely level loading space is created with a maximum load length of 1022 millimetres. Using the VarioFlex system to the full, the load capacity increases to 1555 litres.

The rear seats can be folded forward, enabling the size of the loading segment to be adapted according to requirements. The two outer seats in the rear can also be removed completely, something which can also be done effortlessly and extremely quickly. In this configuration, the Roomster is converted into a two-seater and has a loading volume of 1780 litres. The heavy-duty luggage cover can be fastened at two different heights to divide the load area. Heavy articles can be securely fixed by eyelets in the boot.

The large rear tailgate opens upwards and uses hinges set some centimetres into the roof surface area. The result is a load aperture that is increased considerably in size, allowing even bulky objects to be inserted with ease. The smooth side walls and the flat floor make it possible to utilise the storage space in the most effective manner. Additional storage compartments are located above the wheel housing. In the front, Roomster passengers benefit from further storage solutions in the form of door compartments that are big enough to hold large bottles. The cubby hole in the middle console and the pockets on the backs of the front seats offer additional storage possibilities for small change, toll cards, beakers for drinks, magazines or maps. Two large glove compartments provide extra room for valuable articles. In versions equipped with air conditioning, the lower of the two compartments has a cooling air flow.

source: Skoda

Its name reveals the goal: "Room" is an interior that breaks all standards of its class offering extremely generous space and a great number of variations, "(Road)ster" expresses the dynamics and feelings of the styling study.

Roomster maintains its compact external dimensions while managing to offer remarkably generous and flexible interior combined with an attractive dynamic design in one complete and harmonious whole.

There is no need to compromise between attractiveness on one hand and utility on the other: the Roomster styling study offers both in a new way. And there are many more ways to use the Roomster's revolutionary concept of space, versatility and design.

source: Skoda


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