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09/09/2017 491

Qoros - Young Concept

Qoros Model Young SUV shines at the 2017 Chengdu Motor Show. Qoros stated that it plans to share platforms with Chery Auto for differential development. At the Motor Show, Qoros signs a strategic agreement with China Mobile for 5G connected car services. The introduction of the Model Young SUV and a series of important steps not only demonstrate Qoros’ determination to become a transformational company, but also to deliver its commitment to “providing future-oriented, world-class quality products as well as inspirational customer experience to its customers”.

Chasing a New Premium Positioning

As the world car industry is on threshold of electrification, digitization and sharing, Qoros Chairman,Dr. Chen Anning, said at the press conference, “the car industry is now experiencing a revolution after it was founded a hundred years ago. Nowadays, the car industry is shaped by new IT and technology at record speed. Consumers become more and more mature and demanding, so they will not choose the traditional and so-called premium cars. What they are seeking is an amazing driving experience with a good looking vehicle, high quality and fantastic connectivity technology. The ‘New Premium’ mainstream consumer is forming.”
With China’s supply-side structural reform and consumption upgrades, Qoros, the pioneer of China New Premium brands has a historic development opportunity. In ten years, Qoros is always leading in international quality, innovative consumer experience and expressive design as its brand attributes. Qoros adheres to positive R&D with its original dreams and has established good WOM in design, quality and intelligent technology. Now, its “New Premium” positioning begins to be widely recognised. Qoros is on the right track and is gradually stepping into a thriving new development stage.

Two-pronged Strategy and Embracing Future Connectivity

At the press conference, Dr. Leon Liu, Qoros CEO gave a detailed interpretation of Qoros “China New Premium” brand positioning. As the pioneer of “China New Premium”, Qoros is committed to meeting consumers’ demands of car products and car culture and embracing future advances to promote better lifestyles. Qoros, since it was established has taken international quality as base standards.

As for the development strategy, Dr. Leon Liu presents Qoros two-pronged strategy from all dimensions to onsite media and guests. On the one hand, continuing to improve and enrich the current line-up, consolidate Qoros’ competitiveness through constant innovation, quicken the pace of developing QamFree engine and promote the power performance of the whole Qoros series. On the other hand, positively promoting the development of new energy vehicles and future mobility solutions, such as autonomous vehicles.

Dr. Leon Liu says, “apart from developing the right products that the market requires, Qoros will continue to enhance the cooperation with Qoros dealers and others and work harder in the retail market, key accounts development, export and e-commerce business. The aim of Qoros is to be China’s mainstream car brand by 2020.”

Model Young to Complete Qoros Product Series

At the Chengdu Motor Show, Qoros debuted the first SUV from its product series of Model Young for the first time. Model Young SUV adds more vibrant elements to Qoros’ design principle of compactness and elegance and presents a product full of youth in the Model Young series. The family DNA of Qoros was not only preserved in the design characteristics but also presented in a moresporty and bold manner. Recognizable Qoros design features are also present in the taillight. 

The release of Model Young new series completes the product series of Qoros, forming the three brand product series of the Model Young series, Qoros 3 and Qoros 5 series and the Model K-EV, the next generation electric series. Being fashionable and stylish, Model Young makes driving fun, not to mention the additional smart connectivity services. As the mainstay among the vehicles being sold, Qoros 3 series and Qoros 5 SUV are tech-oriented, for example the Model K-EV super electric concept vehicle is loaded with the advanced technologies.

Platform Sharing to Achieve Maximum Value

The Model Young SUV to be displayed in the Motor Show shares the T1X tech platform with Chery Automobile. T1X platform was researched and developed through the technological sharing and cooperation and with the joint support of the teams of Qoros Auto, Jaguar Land Rover and Chery. This technology is compatible with different energy drives, including aspirated engine, turbo-charged engine and the PHEV new energy drive. The basis of this cooperation with Chery was sharing to achieve high quality and low costs.

The platform matrix of Qoros Auto was thus formed. T1X and M1X platforms achieved better intelligence, higher technology and double hybrid drive. In the future it is planned to use these in sedans. CF1x platform used in Qoros 3 and 5 will deliver strong operating ability. There is also a future R&D plan for this platform, in which large and medium-size passenger vehicles are included. GEV platform is the most advanced new energy platform of Qoros, which be the platform for the Qoros Model K-EV. GEV platform can achieve multiple drive mode extension of which the sliding plate frame adopts the symmetric design in four dimensions of front/rear + left/right and integrates four-wheel drive system featuring active hanging chassis structure and safety structure.
Qoros join forces with China Mobile to Develop Intelligent Connectivity

At the Chengdu Motor Show, Qoros Auto signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile. This strategic cooperation laid a solid foundation for the next generation intelligent network automobile of Qoros Auto. After the signing of the cooperation agreement, both parties will undertake thorough discussions on the specific cooperation fields. Model Young SUV of Qoros Auto will be loaded with Qoros Elegant Clouds system based on 5G communications technology. This powerful alliance with China Mobile will assist Qoros Auto in the reform of the next generation intelligent network system and further improvement of automobile connectivity capacity. Qoros seeks to be the leading auto company that can provide excellent connectivity for transmission of big data with a reliable and stable signal.



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