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11/02/2018 963

GAC - EnSpirit Concept

EnSpirit is a plug-in hybrid crossover concept developed by GAC Engineering. The leaning forward stance, iconic fastback and soft top convertible bring unique vigor into this new energy vehicle. Younger generation in Internet era start to enjoy the crossover lifestyle brought by multiple professions, meanwhile, EnSpirit combines sedan, SUV and convertible together, which fulfills the need for diversification, also proposes an attitude of freedom, progress and fun.

The face of EnSpirit is inspired from a roaring lion. LED headlights are integrated into the “Flying Dynamic” grill, and the aggressive front bumper is designed with three projectors. The leaning forward stance and the 2650mm wheelbase ensure the practicality and the sportiness of the vehicle. The fastback convertible roof, the boomerang-shaped chrome parts, the sharp tilted beltline and the dual blade taillights forms the unique identity of EnSpirit crossover. Different from the exterior design, the interior of EnSpirit demonstrates the great convergence of multi-culture in Internet era. The interior design shows the possibility of auto emotionalization by bringing technology and the oriental zen culture together. The 900mm widescreen is surrounded by bamboo-covered door panel, console and seats. The bonsai beside rear IP makes EnSpirit more appealing, and also demonstrates the oriental wisdom of human-nature harmony. The bonsai can also be monitored through a mobile phone app, creating a fun interactive experience. EnSpirit also carries two wireless-charged electric skateboards in the trunk, which gives the “last one mile”problem a practical solution.

EnSpirit is equipped with efficient 1.5L Atkinson engine, advanced G-MC (GAC Mechatronic Coupling) system, liquid-cooling battery system and liquid-cooling e-machines. It reaches a 0-100km/h acceleration time of less than 10.3s. The EV mode mileage exceeds 85km in NEDC, and over 100km in actual driving conditions, while the overall mileage goes beyond 700km. Meanwhile, the combined cycle equivalent fuel consumption is less than 1.3L/100km and equivalent electricity consumption is 13.6 kWh/100km

EnSpirit shows the innovational thinking of diversified mobility by GAC Group, and the achievements will be applied into the follow-up production models.


2017  Detroit
2017  Shanghai


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