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11/02/2018 1157

GAC - EnLight Concept

EnLight, an intelligent interconnection electric vehicle concept developed by GAEI. It is powered by four independent in-wheel electric motors, and it can be operated in both autopilot and manual modes. A sports car that experience in an intelligent comfort and with passion of speed. Fulfilling the demand of diversified consumers in the Internet era. EnLight acts as a mobile terminal of smart-connection, building a new type of experience all-inclusive with human, car and daily life. EnLight is the future transportation with combined electrification, intellectualization and interconnection with futuristic exterior form and refinement interior atmosphere, it overturns the perception of a traditional sport car, and offers a delightful intelligent driving experience. EnLight also merges the “ emotional design” into the cabin. The intriguing “ecol-tank” in the vehicle not only works as an air purifier but also a highlight of this car, which demonstrates the humanization of future technology.


2016  Beijing

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