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05/01/2018 1173

Chery - Tiggo Coupe Concept

Dynamic and Technological, Chery Tiggo Coupe Concept SUV

Recently, Chery officially announced aset of shadow pictures for the new Tiggo Coupe Concept SUV. On April 20th,2016, Chery for the first time announced a new brand image of "FUN TODRIVE" during its nightly brand promotion activity, which vividlyinterpreted the design concept of Life in motion(Vivid - dynamic), and released a concept car on behalf of Chery’s forward-lookingconcepts-- FV2030, this carearned high praise from CNBC in itsdebut, topping the list of three coolest concept cars during Auto China 2016, showedChery’s in-depth understanding of future automotive technologies and industrydevelopment trend.

The newly to-be-launched Tiggo CoupeConcept SUV this year, which bases on new brand concept, is a furtherexplanation of the future Chery Tiggo SUV series, and a deeper levelinterpretation of the brand and design concepts.

From the shadow pictures, wecan clearly see the silhouette of Tiggo Coupe Concept SUV, its overall outlinelooks like a coupe shape, young, dynamic, and compact proportion, passing outthe sense of confidence, which represents Chery's interpretation of the futurepopular trend of SUV.

In addition, from the side itis not difficult to tell that the previous design language of H.D.S. is elevated to a further level in application with Chery DNA all there, the streamlines make the car look more simmering with power and are attractive to young consumers.

As for the front face, we can clearly see the shape of headlamps and grille of Tiggo Coupe Concept SUV, the large angle of avant-garde sporty sense, which is highly innovative, the stripslinked with Chery logo continue to highlight the family design, combined with the new headlights, it looks full of science and technology touch. The honeycomb grille gives more vogue and quality feel of Tiggo Coupe Concept SUV.The entire front passes across the young personality and attitude, which embodies the "Life in motion (Vivid - dynamic)" design concept and attitude of life that agrees with young people without doubt.

It is reported that the new Tiggo Coupe Concept SUV will make its debut on Chery Night on April 17th this year in Shanghai. By then, more appearance, interior and design details will befully exposed , the innovation highlights of the Tiggo Coupe Concept SUV will come to light one by one, let’s wait and see. 

TIGGO coupe concept which represents Chery’s future vehicle-making philosophy, fastback coupe modelling, with such elements as sense of motion, family design style, double doors, multi-function steering wheel, 4D seats, etc., shows Chery’s future-oriented forward-looking design and Chery’s thoughts about the future automobile life. TIGGO coupe concept SUV (EV version) uses the up-to-date electrically-driven module architecture, with maximum power of 120kW, 0-100 m acceleration time of 7”, maximum speed of over 200 km/h, and endurance mileage of 500km, and supports wireless charging technology.


2017  Shanghai
2017  Frankfurt



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