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28/10/2012 1592

Chery - TX Concept

Original name: 奇瑞TX概念车

With the approaching of the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Chery will unveil the concept car Chery TX, which has attracted wide attention of the industry. It is eye-catching not only because it represents the new and unique design concept of Chery, but also because it is the first concept car designed according to the latest design philosophy and processes after Chery implemented a comprehensive transformation, and has fully demonstrated the transformation and reform of Chery in product design concepts and processes as well as the increasingly mature capacity of its product R & D system. More importantly, we can see changes of Chery and other local car brands as well as good prospects for their future development.

"Water, the source of life" - "Chery TX" interprets the pursuit of harmony and unity between human beings and nature.

Water is the softest while also the hardest object in the world, and it perfectly embodies the balance of nature.

 Chery’s new generation SUV prototype, the "Chery TX" concept car has its design inspiration from water, the greatest gift of nature. We can feel the rhythm of the water from every detail, and the most primitive power of nature.

 The liquid and vital design of the concept car not only allows us to fully appreciate the rhythm of water, the wonders of nature and the feeling of being touched, but also brings humanized extraordinary experience to the driver with high-tech elements. Its appearance and contours present an almost perfect fit with aerodynamics, streamlined and fully interpreting the anima of the water and the power of nature; the details have been embedded with extraordinary and precise modern technologies. The front and rear three-dimensional LED headlamps surrounded by ground-based laser projection have extended the human visual pleasure, and better integrated external security and technologies. The center console has dynamic and modern configurations; the right layout and arrangements make the car more harmonized. The whole car has fully embodied and expressed nature and harmony as well as Chery’s pursuit of the harmony and unity between the mankind and nature.

 From the concept car, we can feel the evident changes and pursuit of Chery, and its deep understanding of consumers and the market, behind which lies the firm corporate belief.

 Observe system changes of Chery from the "Chery TX" concept car.

“As a concept car to be marketized, Chery TX has been 'target customer-oriented' and designed according to the international product design and development processes”, said Chen An’ning, Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile and Chery Automotive Engineering Research Institute.

As regards to target customer orientation, Chen An’ning told the reporters: "the first phase of the new complete vehicle development process is defined as the stage of 'appeal input'. At this stage, the design team needs to do a lot of consumer research, including the appeal of target market, consumer characteristics to be paid attention to, and the kind of products they need, so as to determine the consumption characteristics and values of the targeted consumers, extract the value points to facilitate the further design. Following exploration of the design elements and draft, market / expert review and rounds of CAS design validation, the physical model has been established. Meanwhile, product denomination, corresponding model patent application, and trademark registration have been carried out to protect the intellectual property rights. The entire design process has nine steps and is carried out in strict accordance with the international standards. In addition, senior experts at home and abroad have participated in each step of design, to guarantee quality of the concept design stage. "

 The systems and processes are the source and the fundamental guarantee of product quality assurance, and "Chery TX" concept car is the embodiment of Chery’s comprehensive system building, added Chen. Since 2010, Chery has launched a new round of in-depth strategic transformation and system changes. Aiming to produce " right, good and perfect products", Chery has conducted a comprehensive reform of the systems and processes including the R & D system, procurement system, production system, quality system, finance system and HR system, with change of the R & D system at the core.

To support changes of the entire R & D system, Chery firstly combed and improved the original product development processes, optimized the primary processes, established and improved the secondary sub-processes of product design and synchronized development, and incorporated scattered processes into a big process, so that the entire process is easy to be understood and implemented.

Secondly, Chery carried out organizational restructuring in line according to the new product development process. To focus on products and concentrate the resources, Chery formed an organic structure based on the vertical and horizontal connections between complete vehicle project teams on different platforms of the Automotive Research Institute and professional research institutes, and constituted a high-quality and high-efficiency development mechanism.

Meanwhile, to ensure progress and quality of the entire project throughout the product development process, Chery established the four-stage development and management mechanism and four-tier product decision-making mechanism.

Integration and changes of the above systems and mechanisms escalated Chery’s system construction to a new high level, and significantly improved its system capacity. The "Chery TX" concept car is a product designed in accordance with the latest R & D system and international design processes and standards from start to finish, which reflected the initial achievements of Chery in the new stage of independent R&D and corporate R&D system construction.

Drive changes with innovation, build on future success with changes

From the "Chery TX" concept car and the strategic transformation and system changes behind, it can be found that after 15 years of development, Chery Automobile has shifted from the development model focused on "scale" and "speed" to the model pursuing “quality", “brand" and "internationalization" and driving market demand with high quality and brand. Through its practical transformation, Chery has proven to the world that the Chinese local car brands can respond to changing market conditions and meet rising market demands through their own efforts and continuous self-improvement, and have laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development and creation of a global car brand. In addition, "Chery TX" has also bext interpreted Chery’s exhibition theme of "Innovation • Change • Future”!




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2012  Sao Paulo



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