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08/07/2010 870

Chang'an (Chana) - Yufeng (Driving Wind) CV11 SUV

Original name: 长安御风

Yu Feng, meaning King Driving Wind, and Lu Feng, meaning Wind in the Land, were two show cars presented by Chana but designed by Italy's I-DEA institute. While the Lu Feng, a 6-7 passenger MPV, will be launched six months from now, the Yu Feng is a five passenger SUV concept car with an undefined future. Both, however, show the appreciation that Chinese companies have for the Italian design expertise but reflect a fond appreciation for French styling. The color schemes are also very fresh and modern with the trendy fizzy orange for the Lu Feng and gray lavender for the Yu Feng.Chana is also one of the few Chinese companies that is striving to export to the US aside from the usual areas where cars are exported to nowadays, such as South East Asia, Middle East, and Northern Africa. Their new C12 engine is preparing them to be Euro-3 compliant, thus increasing their expected annual export sales from 5,000 to 8,000 units this year.

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2005  Shanghai


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