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28/10/2012 1026

Troller - TR-X Concept


Concept TR-X

Created in the Ford Design Center, the TR-X concept Troller displays muscled forms that show the strength to tackle any terrain with great courage and style. The concept brings fenders taller, wider and perfectly integrated into the vehicle cabin. The hood exhibits a high central detail that conveys power and virility. The front grille has a design that mimics the scale in front of the vehicle itself, giving the model great personality.

LED headlights and taillights, along with other details by using the same technology, bring modernity to its appearance. The green matte evokes greater contact with nature, the natural environment of the Troller. We strive to create a concept that would symbolize the essence of Troller. The brand is known for its tradition of off-road world with T4, and reproduce via TR-X all the DNA in the Troller and a robust model with striking style, explains João Marcos Ramos, Head of Design at Ford.

SOURCE: Troller


2012  Sao Paulo
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