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19/03/2017 784

Troller - T4 Xtreme Concept


The booth also Troller displays attraction a severed the New T4 template that shows the "soul" of a true off-road

Troller is releasing Hall in São Paulo into a custom line of accessories

Another novelty is the new collection of clothes and miscellaneous items

The Troller prepared a complete show for the Motor Show in São Paulo, in Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion. Besides the launch of the new generation of T4 utility, the brand presents two special versions: the Off-Road Rescue and the concept. The booth also Troller displays attraction a severed the New T4 template that shows the "soul" of a true off-road, and experts explain the evolution of off-road utility created in Brazil.

Brand hundred percent Brazilian, Troller has a legion of fans. To meet this loyalty, it is launching in the Hall of São Paulo a line of custom fittings, formed by items that increase the ability to handle the most extreme trails.

Another novelty is the new collection of clothing and miscellaneous items. Divided into three themes, Copa Troller, Institutional and Vintage, the brand carries a full range of products which include T-shirts with vintage style, sports watches, caps and keychains. The space Fotobooth, photo booth, giving the opportunity for fans to post photos on social networks.

The coverage of everything that happens in Troller's booth during the event can be seen on Facebook and Instagram brand in and addresses.

Authentic Off-Road

The new generation of the Troller T4 brings advances in design and features that extend its known attributes of performance and robustness, which turned him into an icon of off-road. Totally new from the chassis and engine to the interior and equipment, the vehicle won, while most all-terrain capability for trails and more practicality and comfort for use in the city.

The body of modern, imposing and muscular design is produced in special composite, impact resistant and impervious to corrosion material. All off-road utility features have been improved, including angles of attack and output, torque and pulling power. New features include 3.2 turbodiesel engine of 200 horsepower, six-speed manual transmission, electronic traction control, limited slip differential and rear disc brakes on all four wheels with ABS and EBD.

special versions

To show the versatility of the new T4 applications, Troller features two special versions of the utility. A special version of Off-Road invests in style and different equipment, in brown and tan colors. It is enhanced with several original accessories, including snorkel, winch, steel chest, front bumper and rear off-road tires and marshes. Also has custom interior trim, enhancing comfort and sophistication. The vehicle also received high performance dampers to face more extreme trails.

The Rescue concept car, equipped as rescue unit, leverages the strength and all-terrain capability of the New Troller T4 to reach places difficult to access in emergency response. Painted in orange with blue accents, aiming to stand out amidst nature, received new taillights, LED lights on the sides, special tires, rims 17 "and dinghy on the roof for rescue actions. In the rear, shows a special applied themed redemption and a place to store tools.

"The proposal is to show the versatility of the new applications Troller T4 and highlight the functionality of the utility. The Troller already developed vehicles for the Environmental Police and Fire Department, now bring the theme of redemption on a concept that takes advantage of the characteristics of the vehicle. also evolved with special off-road version that will be used as a test market in the Hall. This version uses the strength and robustness of T4 to overcome difficult terrain with a distinctive and striking look, "says Carla Freire, Supervisor of Marketing Troller.


2016  Sao Paulo
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