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Holden [2] - T2X

Stunning T2X Concept Blends SUV & Coupe Into One Complete Package

GM Holden Ltd 09/02/06

Holden today unveiled its second sports utility concept to Australian audiences in just six months – the striking T2X sports coupe.

Overseen by former Holden senior designer Max Wolff, T2X combines a compact sport utility body style with dynamic coupe lines.

Wolff led the T2X design team in his role as Deputy Director Advanced Design at GMDAT in South Korea. The vehicle had its global reveal at last year’s Seoul Motor Show.

T2X is based on the same architecture as the S3X concept revealed in Sydney in October 2005, providing strong hints on new production SUVs to be introduced by Holden later this year.

However, there are no current plans to direct T2X to production like its five and seven-seater sibling.

Holden Chairman and Managing Director Denny Mooney today said T2X underlined the capability of GM’s Asia Pacific design team and pushed traditional SUV boundaries.

“The S3X shows where Holden’s sport utility vehicle range is progressing whilst T2X shows where we could go well into the future,” Mr Mooney said.

”It also shows what great design talent we have in the Asia Pacific region with guys such as Max Wolff presenting outstanding concepts like this to Melbourne and the world.”

Mr Wolff said T2X represented possible future design directions for SUV products.

“The T2X represents a segment-busting concept which will appeal to nearly everyone, but particularly to those in their 20s and 30s who aspire to a sports car look and need the off-road flexibility and configurable load space of an SUV,” he said.

T2X Design Highlights

The body of T2X has a bold, masculine front with prism-style headlamps. Its taut and emotional surface is highlighted by a dynamic side character line which rises toward the rear.

The four-door has an athletic stance on a wheelbase of 2707mm, sporty front-wheel arches and 20-inch wheels situated outside the vehicle’s body.

It has an overall length of 4320mm, is 1856mm wide, has no conventional B-pillars and features rear hinged back doors.


Combined with its overall height of 1666 mm, this allows easy access for both people and cargo. A removable glass roof panel completes the exterior design.

The dramatic coupe style upper body and strong, functional lower exterior theme carry through to the interior. Practical lower surfaces contrast with inviting, fabric-covered upper surfaces with a sporty theme.

A mixture of fabrics and accents provide a cool atmosphere in harmony with the stylish exterior.

A high-tech center spine connects to the rear seats and is reflected in the roof by an aircraft style structure with additional storage space. Fully foldable rear seats add to the flexibility and roominess.

Gauges have the dynamic look of those found on motorcycles and a seven-inch monitor in the center fascia provides convenient accessibility to information.

The front seats have a sports car feel, while the rear seats were derived from those found in SUVs. The four bucket seats in the T2X all have five-point seat belts for greater safety.


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